Artist & Repertoire (A&R)

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Job Title:

Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Representative


2EIO Sounds is seeking a dedicated A&R representative to identify and recruit talent who have the potential to be commercially successful, serving as the liaison between artists and the label. The A&R Rep will also provide general administrative assistance.


• Responsible for finding new musical talent and assisting in further developing
• Regularly attend local musical gigs to scout out talent
• Follow latest musical trends
• Keep an eye out for and book shows that cater to each artist individual music style
• Listen to local artists SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music in order to find unique styles that will set our label apart
• Help coordinate and book studio sessions
• Other duties as assigned


• Strong conversational skills
• Knowledge of latest music trends
• Willingness to approach anyone on a whim and recruit
• Demonstrated ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines
• Ability to handle more than one assignment at a time; ability to prioritize and communicate effectively and regularly
• Ability to work late nights
• Ability to work as part of a fast-pace team.
• Ability to travel to on-location recordings in and around metro Atlanta
• Preferred experience in podcasting or broadcasting


Interviews for this position will be held in-person.
Position is open to those willing to travel to meet with a rep.
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