2EIO Sounds is an indie record label built from the ground up to spotlight new and upcoming artists.

2EIO stands for “Two Each Its Own“.
Every artist under this label has their own sound, their own fan base, and their own taste.

2EIO is the underlying force that brings them all together under one common cause: the love of music.

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AJ Farley | Founder / Artist


No one discovered anything new by coloring in the lines.” – Thomas Vasquez


AJ is an Atlanta native who spent most of his years in Snellville. As the Founder of 2EIO Sounds, AJ is all about the bigger picture. He had a dream that one-day music would bring a magnitude of artists of multiple genres together; thus, the birth of 2EIO Sounds happened in 2013. It’s not everyday someone starts a record label, and AJ’s passion is what brought 2EIO Sounds to life.

When asked what goals he has for 2EIO Sounds he says,

I want to gain more notoriety, produce consistent content, including visuals, and to add new talent to the roster.

Chad Elliott | Founder / Mix Engineer
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Ideas without execution are hallucinations.” – Thomas Edison


Born in Jamaica, now residing in Lawrenceville, Chad is our most diverse team member. Founder, and the right hand man, Chad makes it happen. Faith without works is dead, and Chad puts ideas into fruition. Chad is a behind the scenes type of guy, though you can catch him in front of the camera on Radio 2E. He’s very a low-key individual, yet a perfectionist at his work. Behind each and every audio and video release is a hardworking Chad to make sure everything is ready for the public.

When asked what goals he has for 2EIO Sounds he says,

Our passion for music and quality in presentation should consistently advance 2EIO Sounds to new heights.


Lindsey White | Social Media Liaison


“Details create the bigger picture.” – Sanford I. Weill


With her background in public relations and journalism, Lindsey ensures that 2EIO is portrayed in the best light. Lindsey’s attention to detail and superb articulation and knack for words, Lindsey is able to paint a picture with words in a way no one else can.

When asked what her goals are for 2EIO Sounds, Lindsey said,

I want to expand our audience on a world-wide platform.


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